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Medusa is the Future of Headless eCommerce

Transform your business with the next generation in eCommerce. Medusa is paving the way for more accessible, scalable and highly reliable commerce. Their approach opens the opportunity for businesses to become truly omnichannel and highly efficient at adapting to the ever changing market.

Are you ready to take your eCommerce to the next level?


Medusa 2.0 is coming

Medusa is launching a new and even better version of the platform. Our team has had the pleasure of early insights into the road ahead to make sure we are ready for the official launch. Are you looking to migrate to Medusa 2.0?

Medusa is an open-source, headless eCommerce platform

Powering global brands and fast scaling startups

What makes Medusa particularly beneficial is its flexibility. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your online store without having to worry about disrupting the underlying functionality.

This means you can focus on creating a beautiful and engaging shopping experience for your customers while Medusa takes care of the technical heavy lifting behind the scenes, seamlessly integrating with the rest of your business toolbox.

Overall, Medusa empowers you to run your online store smoothly and efficiently, giving you more time to focus on growing your business and improve customer experience.

You can build a wide range of solutions with Medusa

Medusa allows for great customization, integration and complex business logic, while still keeping the platform easily maintainable and scalable for the long term.

eCommerce Stores

Multi-region and multi-channel store with endless customization options.


Marketplaces that allows different vendors to sell their products on your platform.

Subscriptions Business

Handle subscriptions and renewals for both physical products and SaaS solutions.

Order Management System

Handle orders from all your sales channels in one interface. POS, marketplaces, vendors, online sales etc.

PIM System

Use Medusa’s powerful product management interface as your product information management system.

Point of Sales

Supports POS systems, creating seamless experiences for physical store sales.

Iterate and move like never before

With Medusa, iterating and improving on your platform becomes natural. By combining the right tools, you will be able to launch new ideas and competitive features faster than ever.

eCommerce Project Plan

There are many good reasons to choose Medusa

Powering global brands and fast scaling startups

Blazing Fast

Medusa offers great performance, and has been tested to be 6x faster than Magento, by our good friends at Rigby.

Cost effective icon

Cost effective

Medusa is open source, which means no license or transaction fees. Making it a cost efficient choice.

Future proof icon

Future proof and scalable

The community surrounding Medusa is strong, and quickly growing. Making it a sound choice for the future.

Extendable icon

Adaptable and extendable

Everything comes in modules, enabling us to adapt the solution perfectly for you company’s already existing tools and needs.

Easily maintainable icon

Easily maintanable

The modular approach makes maintenance a breeze. Securing low long term costs, and minimizes the risk of issues and downtime.

Why should you partner with Oak?


We are official Medusa experts

We are officially listed as Medusa experts, as we make sure we deliver best in class work.


In-house design & development

Our team of designers and developers work closely to make sure the visual and technical aspects are the highest level


Flexible and agile partnerships

Our entire process is built around agile work methodology to ensure the most involving and flexible partnership. Read more about our work process


Close and transparent collaborations

We make sure to involve you in the entire process, giving you peace of mind, and ensuring all stakeholders are informed.


Adaptable & flexible payment terms

We work very transparent on a time and material basis for optimal transparency with monthly invoicing.


Strong global partner network

We are deeply engaged with many highly skilled partners to ensure we can accommodate any challenges we face.