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Challenge: As an up and coming watch brand in a highly competitive market, REC Watches was looking to increase flexibility and minimize costs of their website.

Solution: With the site previously built in Shopify, we saw an opportunity to improve performance as well as decrease operational costs with a redesign of into a more fitting platform.

Result: We built the new site in Wordpress with a Woocommerce solution, ensuring a smooth product handling and effective order processing. Additionally, REC Watches saw an annual saving on operational costs and fees of 50-70%.

50 - 70%Annual saving on operational costs and fees
30%Higher conversion rate

REC Watches

REC Watches is an independent watch brand based in Denmark. They are a dedicated team of watch connoisseurs, petrolheads and history buffs, brought together by their shared obsession. A venturous pursuit to breathe new life into iconic vehicles by condensing their rich, storied narrative into each of their bespoke timepieces.