Leanowski & Barkowski

Leanowski & Barkowski

  • Booking System
  • Website
  • Streamlined Workprocess

Every challenge has a solution

Challenge: As a restaurant or bar owner, you need to find an online booking system that suits your business’ needs. For Leanowski, no online booking system provider could fulfill their specific needs.

Solution: Together, we decided the right thing to do was to develop a brand new, customized booking system based on Leanowski’s specific needs.

Result: We created a booking system capable of not only handling table reservations but also events, quizzes and more while simultaneously improving the user experience altogether.

500bookings every month
30%less human errors
5 hourssaved weekly
Highercustomer satisfaction

With the new booking system, the points of contact and human errors has been reduced drastically.

Léanowski & Barkowski

Léanowski and Barkowski are two cozy bars that offer laid-back surroundings and a fantastic atmosphere, where there’s always a friendly vibe between guests and bartenders alike. They offer a wide selection of fun games and activities such as table football, dart and pool to name a few. They’re the perfect go-to bars in Copenhagen.