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DBP Adventures

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Every challenge has a solution

Challenge: The travel industry took a major hit amid the global coronavirus pandemic. While several companies went out of business, DBP Adventures saw opportunities. Opportunities to streamline their operations. Through this, they aimed to come out stronger on the other side of the crisis.

Solution: With a focus on user experience, Oak Digital has created a brand new website and a tailor-made booking system that aims to automate processes, saving DBP Adventures many hours of administrative work and improving the customer experience when booking a trip.

Result: DBP Adventure has since experienced significant time savings. They now spend 50% less time on payment flows, email management, bank reconciliation, etc. A number that is expected to become even greater as they optimize the last things and as customers get to know the system. In addition, the amount of human errors has been greatly reduced, as most things now run automatically. 

50%less time on payment flows
50%less time on email management
50%less time on bank reconciliation
90%reduction of human errors

"Huge recommendation from us. Transparency from start to finish. Our wishes were implemented, and the result was better than expected."

DBP Adventures

DBP Adventures is a passionate travel agency that specializes in water and mountain adventures. Since their inception in 2010, they have organized off-piste skiing trips with ski and/or snowboard to North Macedonia, and they continue to pursue their dream of being the first to explore uncharted off-piste terrain and enjoy the best nature experiences. They’re fortunate to have met and traveled with many amazing people who share their love of water and mountains and who are just as enthusiastic (and maybe a little crazy) as they are!